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Autumn Tea in Devon, UK

Autumn Tea in Devon, UK

Autumn Tea in Devon, UK

English Autumn Tea

After more than one and half years of travelling through foreign and exotic countries I’m back to the UK. Due to my travels in South America I’ve skipped last autumn in Europe and seeing the world turning colourful with leaves swirling through the autumn winds is quite exhilarating. And as a confessed anglophile there’s nothing better than having a cup of tea and a fruit scone with jam on a chilly autumn afternoon whilst admiring the last sun rays dancing over the green rolling hills of the English countryside.

To make it a proper autumn afternoon tea, I’m having a cup of Roasted Chestnut Olong Tea from the magnificent Anteaques tea shop in Edinburgh. My fruit scone will shortly be topped with a delicious “autumny” homemade apple & plum jam made by a neighbour just down the road.

Happy autumn! And enjoy the leaves!


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