Step 5 Choc Mousse
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Vegan Chocolate Mousse ~ healthy and easy-to-make recipe

One of the great pleasures while travelling is trying the local food and discovering a whole new world of flavours and ingredients. I am always up for trying new and exotic dishes that I have never  experienced before. With a few exceptions it tickles the taste-buds and is a great source of inspiration to broaden my cooking forays back home. Eating like the locals and sampling the many different kinds of street food is a very enriching experience that will open your senses in many different ways. However, especially when travelling on a budget it can be difficult to nourish your brain and body and maintain healthy eating habits.[Read more]

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Apple loves Mint ~ Between Cup & Camera

Ever since I’ve tried Suki Tea’s “Apple loves Mint” for the first time, I’ve been on the lookout and ready to pay for it whatever the price. It was that damn good.

Once I’ve got hold of a wee bag of this lovely herbal infusion, I went to my friends house in order to try it. I was determined to make it a very serious expert tea tasting session which I would later transform into a very formal and informative article for my first ever blog post.[Read more]

″I can’t stand the idea of devoting my life to routines, doing the same thing in the same way, getting on and off buses, in and out of tubes, travelling the same old routes, old places, old habits.

It drains my energy, blinds me to excitment of experience, one day blurring into the next with no vivid moments, high emotions, intense loves, or discoveries. For me it’s kind of death.″

Niema Ash ∼ Touching Tibet

Rooibos Tea in Puerto Natales, Patagonia
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Welcome to Journeys & Tea!

I am happy that you’ve found your way here. You might be wondering what this blog is all about or what the intention behind these two simple words might be.
Journeys not only by the means of travel but also in terms of moving, progress, discoveries and exploration – no matter if mindfulness, healthy living or travel as such, but always with curiosity and a smile. Tea on the other hand as a charming and warming companion in a wide range of situations and moments that may make those mentioned discoveries memorable…[Read more]