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Why the paper remains white

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I have been on the road for more than six months now and unfortunately haven’t posted on Journeys & Tea as much as I would love to. Today I would like to muse a bit about the why. My absence from the blog can be explained by more or less two reasons which are somehow a result of each other. Let me start with the most obvious one: time.

The time trap

While travelling, albeit somewhat slower than most others, there isn’t much time between all the sightseeing, tours, getting from A to B, finding accommodation and organising all of this independently. You meet new people, are tired from 12 hours bus rides and busy running around looking for food, laundry service or the best tour operator. I am not even complaining about that because that’s what I choose to do. It’s exciting and awesome and I am having the time of my life.

Procrastination meets practice

The second and probably bigger reason is a) my not so great-ish ability to write and b) a high profile of procrastination that comes with it. Frankly speaking, I am not a natural born writer. Yes, I do like it but I am not particularly good at it. Thankfully there is a certain set of circumstances that make it easier for me to write. This includes having an innumerable amount of time, the space and quietness to write and no other things in my head that could in any way distract and keep me from writing.
And as you may guess these things barely come together while travelling. Therefore, writing is something that I usually always put at the end of the to-do-list, which you then may simply call procrastination.

Overcoming procrastination

I have read about some techniques like “don’t think – just start“, “question your mind-set“, “create writing time“, “write with others“, “set deadlines“ and many more. But it doesn’t work for me. Maybe not yet, maybe never. And while travelling it works even less.
Despite all these reasons, I really would like to write more and definitely will keep this blog going. I know that writing skill comes with practice which would be a solution to not being particularly talented. Now I just need to figure out how to overcome this procrastination part that hinders my writing practice in the first place.

Ideal set of circumstances

Right now I am sitting on the sunny terrace of my guest house. After being here for almost two weeks I am starting to relax. The set of ideal circumstances is with me right now but it looks like I am leaving in a week or so and there’s still a huge to-do-list not ticked off yet. And there you go, my mind tells me that I haven’t got the time to write. My procrastination wheels start spinning again, bring my inspiration to yet another standstill and make me wish to have more time. So the paper remains blank until the next longer break, maybe. Yet, I just can’t and won’t give up on my blog…

Did you ever feel similar? How do you keep writing while being on the road? I would be keen to hear your thoughts.

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  1. White space can be a fascinating and scary thing alike. Maybe we need someone to invite a wee machine called “thoughtwriter” or something like that!? 🙂
    From my own experience, I consider writing sort of an interesting and fulfilling monologue. And as with talking, sometimes we simply don’t feel like that. I would say just keep listening to your inner voice and the lovely “noise” in your mind and I’m sure the words flow and follow your thoughts at some point…
    Keep going and your inspiration will follow! 😉
    Best wishes, Oliver


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